Incubator Thermostats

Thermostats form an essential part of many temperature control circuits. Philadelphia Mercury to Wire Thermostats are precision built of the finest materials and provide a reliable means of temperature control. Extra quality with accuracy of 0.05° and sensitivity from 0.01 °F to 0.03 °F.

6" Type 1½" Contact Spacing

7¼" Multi-Contact Thermostat

7½" Type 3½" Contact Spacing

6" Robbins Type 1½" Contact Spacing

7½" Robbins Multi-Contact Type Furnished with Lead Wires

4½" Room Control Thermostats

Philadelphia Incubator Thermostats are manufactured for all types of incubators, past and present. All Single Contact Thermostats are available every 0.05 °F. Special setting Contact Spacing available upon request. Contact us for pricing and availability. Please state size, contact spacing and temperature settings.


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