Incubator Thermometers

Incubator Thermometers provide an accurate source of temperature and humidity. Custom sizes and ranges are available.

Left to Right

Robbins Dry Bulb

Robbins Wet Bulb

Master Thermometer Range: 95 To 105 F

Hygrometer Range: 75 To 105 F



Angle Thermometer
Available in 98° F to 100° F or 84° F to 88° F  Other Ranges Available.
Did you know?
KELVIN, Lord (1824-1907). William Thomson, who became Lord Kelvin of Largs (Scotland) in 1892, was one of Great Britain's foremost scientists and inventors. He published more than 650 scientific papers and patented some 70 inventions. He is known for developing a temperature scale in which -273.15C (-459.67F) is absolute zero. The scale is known as the absolute, or Kelvin, temperature scale.

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