Utility Thermometers

Brass Cup Case Thermometers

No. 428-L
12" Round Brass Case, Seamless Brass Tube, 1 ¾" O.D. Slotted for scale opening with closed bottom for retaining liquids. Red liquid or Mercury filled.

No. 428-LR
Tube and scale only.

Available Temperature Ranges

-30° F to 120° F 1° Division
30° F to 240° F 2° Division
80° F to 400° F 2° Division

Did you know?
Galileo's contributions to mechanics include the law of falling bodies, the fact that the path of a projectile is a parabola, the demonstration of the laws of equilibrium, and the principle of flotation. He devised a simple thermometer and inspired a pupil, Evangelista Torricelli, to invent the barometer.

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